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Varni Pharmaceuticals Leading Pharma Company in India

More About Varni Pharmaceuticals
VARNI PHARMACEUTICALS is a marketing based pharmaceutical company with its main focus on making available quality pharmaceutical products at affordable costs to all. Committed to making life safer, Varni Pharma is company, backed by an extensive experience, coupled with sophisticated Pharma professionals and skilled team who established the Varni Pharma as a trusted name in the Pharmaceutical industry globally.

We are fast growing Indian Pharmaceuticals Company engaged in developing & marketing broad range of pharmaceuticals globally. We believe that our competitive advantage in domestic market lies in our Established presence in major therapeutic areas.

Our aim is to develop a broad portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products addressing the numerous needs of patients suffering from various ailments by developing superior products where conventional formulations have limited effectiveness and to reformulate pharmaceutical compounds with known safety and efficacy.

We, at Varni Pharma, values the relationship with our esteemed clients and believe in 'Customer Centric' approach and measure our performance on the value delivered to our clients collectively. We aim at providing genuine and timely solutions keeping commitments in true spirits. Prompt responsiveness and acceptance of Audit compliance is a natural corollary. To its unparalleled service and unsurpassed quality, the company has got all that it takes to sustain its commitment to excellence.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to emerge as a leading pharmaceutical company by making available quality pharmaceutical products at affordable costs to all.
Our Mission
As one of the fast growing pharmaceutical company in India, Varni's management mission is "dedicate always quality products at affordable costs". Our purpose is helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our Motto


The very foundation of the company was laid on the belief that affordable medicine is the right of every citizen. Varni is committed to making medicines accessible to the people.


Since more than 50% of the total population of India resides in villages, their medical needs often go unattended. Along with metros and Class-I towns, Varni has concentrated in Class II to VI towns and rural areas to ensure that affordable medicine reaches to every part of India.


Varni’s unending commitment to quality has made it the most reliable pharmaceutical company. Delivering quality medicines at affordable prices makes healthcare accessible to the people.

We believe that the key to stay ahead in competition is Quality and that the Quality can't be achieved by end product testing alone; strength, purity, safety and efficacy are its essential ingredients.

Our quality gyrates around customer satisfaction. It is towards this that the company believes in Total Quality Management.


Our founder, Mr. Prashant Patel has lead Varni Pharmaceuticalsceuticals to new heights with constant innovation and excellent business management. With an infrastructure that consists of latest technology, we are well equipped to cater to all modern day pharmaceutical needs.